(From the desk of Ronald Walker, Monday, April 19th, 2023)

Dear Investor, 

A few months ago I was at our local REIA and met a lady who had spent $75,000 on a mentoring program by a famous “Guru” who will go un-named. 

I was curious what results that kind of investment had generated. I was hopeful that she’d have something positive to say.

I was wrong.

What she said shook me to the core. 

She’d closed 1 Land Contract.

75K – And she’d closed one deal. 

I left that night haunted by the idea that someone would invest so much money and not see a return.

But let’s be real.

This is all too common.

Mentoring within the real estate industry has been a get-rich-quick ponzy scheme for far too long. 

Massive Claims.

Zero Guarentees.

After 10 years in Real Estate, $10M in Sales & over 500 deals under my belt I decided to do something about this. 

InnerForge mentoring was born out a desire to see real change in the Real Estate Industry. 

I’m tired of watching people be taken advantage of and seeing no results. 




For too many years now, Guru’s have failed the Real Estate Industry with dog sh*t mentoring programs that under deliver and over charge. I’m calling these so called guru’s on their hand and guaranteeing you a proven pathway to join the ranks of my students and make a quarter million in your first year..



The truth is, most “Mentors” in the name of being able to “scale” have removed themselves from the system. 

You might meet with their team, 

watch sh*tty videos they recorded in 2012 

and wonder if they even know your name.

Let me tell you a secret…

They aren’t interested in you. They want your money. 

Whether or not you succeed makes no difference as long as you buy into their “affordable payement pay”.

It’s ridiculous, it makes me angry and it’s everywhere.

I’ve watched more friends and colleagues than I want to think about dive head first into these programs and give ripped off time and time again.

Confession time:

I’ve done it as well.

In 2015 I bought into a Mastermind Progam.

It cost me $35,000 to be in the room.

I left confused and disorientated on the direction I was supposed to take

Honestly? The program was dog sh*t.

So… What makes this program different?



Instead of aiming for scale, the program did the exact opposite. I’m taking a maximum number of students a year and once it’s full – it’s full. 

I’m not interested in deploying “coaches” or “team members” to take over the work I told you I would do. 

In this mentoring program you’ll:

⚔️ Discover what it takes to have a concrete mindset that can weather any attack.

🤫 The Trade Secret’s hidden within expert Investor’s toolkit to unlock a torrent of new leads.

🏆 The 5 things you need to know to build and manage Closers. (We’re talking about scaling your business here and it’s going to be life-changing.)

☎️ The hidden methods to effectively cold call leads and have them begging you to buy their home by the end of the call.

💸 Where to find the most efficient and turn key exit strategies to turn your acquisitions into a money printing monster.

❌ How to eliminate the overly complex and time sucking portions of investing and keep your focus on making money.

💥 The explosive way to increase your cashflow using creative finance.

And this isn’t even the half of it. This program is crafted to teach you to dominate your industry and competitors.